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Ordinarily, you'd be at the right spot, but we've recently launched a brand new community website... For the community, by the community.

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Peter-Donker-150-150.png Developers are crucial to the future of the DNN Ecosystem. New streams of developers entering our ecosystem create new innovations and offerings for our customers. We need developers that understand and use the technology to grow our ecosystem offerings. And by “developers” we mean the front end, back end, and everything in between. Do you open an IDE or even a simple text editor and write any form of code? If so, this group may be for you.

Through this advisory group we want to learn from and better understand the developers in our ecosystem. This will help us best accommodate and reach other developers. What is the popular tooling of the day? What frameworks should be leveraged? What do you expect from the platform's API? These questions are the questions we will seek to answer and act on as well as create a robust storefront / app store where developers can monetize their offerings.

Join the Developer GroupThe Developers Advisory Group will be led by Peter Donker.

Group Members

Adam Nierzad

Andrew Hoefling

Clint Patterson

Daniel Mettler

Daniel Valadas

David Poindexter

Erik van Ballegoij

Ernst Peter Tamminga

Francisco Perez-Andres

Geoff Barlow

Jay Mathis

Kelly Ford

Lee Drake

Loukas Bafatakis

Mandeep Singh

Matt Rutledge

Oliver Hine

Patrick Ryan

Pete Goode

Peter Donker

Simon Holman

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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