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Mitchel-Sellers-150-150.png Technology changes rapidly. To reach developers and create lasting partnerships, the technology stack must be modern and relevant. With the right technology in place, awareness becomes easier. The technology group will ensure that DNN’s underlying structure is built on a solid foundation.

This group will have open discussions and form strategy for the underlying DNN technology stack. Subjects of conversation will be the path to .NET Core v2, integrated JS libraries, environmental requirements, the possibility of distributions, and more. The goal of this group is to future proof DNN as best possible so that the overall ecosystem can thrive for years to come – then execute on the code development to make the roadmap reality.

Join the Technology GroupThe Technology Advisory Group is led by Mitchel Sellers.

Group Members

Andrew Hoefling

Behnam Emamian

Brian Dukes

Charles Nurse

Clint Patterson

Daniel Mettler

Daniel Valadas

Darrell Tunnell

David Poindexter

Erik van Ballegoij

Ernst Peter Tamminga

Geoff Barlow

Kelly Ford

Mandeep Singh

Matt Rutledge

Mike Smeltzer

Mitch Labrador

Mitchel Sellers

Nik Kalyani

Oliver Hine

Peter Donker

Scott Wilkinson

Sebastian Leupold

Shaun Walker

Stefan Kamphuis

Tomasz Pluskiewicz

Will Strohl

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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