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The DNN Most Valuable Person (MVP) Award is our way of saying thank you to exceptional community leaders. These are people who share their passion, expertise, open source contributions and real-world experience with others. Nominated by our users, we recognize the vital role these people play in helping our community do great things with DNN.

Program Overview

The DNN MVP Program was established to reward community leaders. Over the years we've had numerous talented individuals become part of the esteemed DNN MVP group. The MVP Program consists of 3 main groups... Current MVPsLifetime MVPs, and  Honorary MVPs.

Becoming a DNN MVP
EPT-MVP.jpg The guiding principal for becoming a DNN MVP is to be active, participate, and contribute to the community. This activity and participation can come in several different shapes and forms. It doesn't matter if the contributions are pull requests on GitHub, running a user group meeting, being active on social media, writing blogs, or any other contribution... all activity is equally valued. The baseline is participation.

MVP Nomination
MVPs are nominated once a year during the month of July. The nomination period is open to everyone and community members can self-nominate or nominate someone else. The nomination form has an open text-box where a description of the contributions users have made can be inputted. Once the nomination period is over then the list is compiled and reviewed by the Ecosystem Manager. Upon review the list is submitted to our current MVPs. 

A nominee must gain 2 "sponsors" from our current MVP Group who vouch for each MVP candidate. After gaining 2 sponsors the nominee must gain more than 50% of all voting, current MVPs. If a nominee gets 2 sponsors and more than 50% votes then they will be named a DNN MVP!

Retaining MVP Status
Current MVPs must meet the same criteria as newly nominated MVPs. Retaining MVP status is again based on activity and participation, to retain MVP status one must be active and participate. Current MVPs are voted on a yearly basis (just as new MVP candidates). MVPs who earn more than 50% vote of all voting, current MVPs will continue as a Current MVP. If a Current MVP receives less than 50% vote they will transition to Honorary MVP status. MVPs can rotate out of Honorary status in any following year based on re-nomination and majority support.  

Code of Conduct
The DNN Community is one that fosters friendliness, openness, sharing, transparency, and inclusiveness. We hope that all DNN Community Members live out these values. MVPs are held to the higher standard of abiding by the Code of Conduct that was collectively created and agreed upon by current MVPs and community leadership. All DNN MVPs must sign the Code of Conduct as part of participating in the program. Our values are important to our community and our MVPs are a reflection of our community. As such MVPs should positively represent our community

Monthly Meetings
DNN MVPs meet on a monthly basis and discuss all things DNN. Upon being inducted as a DNN MVP new MVPs will receive the meeting invite. The open portion of monthly MVP meetings is recorded and posted for viewing by the greater DNN Community.

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