The partner program consists of partners with various competencies. Each partner has been reviewed to ensure they are capable of providing services around the competency areas associated with their profile. The information below provides more detail into the competency areas of the DNN Partner Program.


  • Admin - Competency in installing, configuring, and administrating a DNN website or application.
  • E-Commerce - Competency with creating E-Commerce functionality within the context of a DNN website or application.
  • Evoq Content - Competency in the feature included in Evoq Content such as workflow, personalization, & web farm optimization.
  • Evoq Engage - Competency in the features included in Evoq Engage such as gaming mechanics, community management, & advocacy marketing.
  • Intranet - Competency in building intranets, sites used for internal organizational purposes.
  • Integration - Competency in integrating DNN with external applications such as CRMs, ERPs, Salesforce, Marketo, or any other application. 
  • SEO - Competency in search engine optimization related to DNN. 
  • Theming - Competency in creating themes (historically referred to as "skins") to give websites unique designs.
  • Web Development - Competency in the general area of web development, the ability to develop applications using DNN.
  • Module Development - Competency in building custom DNN modules. 


  • DNN - Competency in hosting DNN, providing architecture & configurations to optimize for performance & security.
  • Amazon - Competency in hosting DNN on Amazon's cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure - Competency in hosting DNN on Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure.


  • Accessibility - Competency in web accessibility, ensuring content is accessible to all user types & scenarios.
  • Integrated Apps - Competency in creating applications that are integrated into DNN via APIs.
  • Language Packs - Competency in creating language packs which help localize DNN into various languages.
  • Modules - Competency in creating custom DNN modules.
  • Providers - Competency in creating DNN providers such as an authentication provider
  • SEO - Competency in creating DNN extensions that are SEO optimized.
  • Themes - Competency in creating DNN themes (historically referred to as "skins") to give websites unique designs.


  • Administration - Competency in training users on how to administrate and configure DNN.
  • Development - Competency in training users on how to develop custom modules and extensions for DNN. 
  • Themes - Competency in training users on how to develop custom themes for DNN.

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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