Personalization rules in Evoq

Personalize web content for each visitor to increase engagement and conversions.

To capture today’s consumer, your website has to deliver more than a one-way brand broadcast. Evoq lets you give visitors the type of one-to-one, customized experience they’ve come to expect, tailoring content based on behavior, location, or user profile.

Take a Personalization Test Drive

Here are a few ways to use content personalization to engage visitors on your site.

personalize content based on user role

User Role

Create a custom welcome page for registered users, and show anonymous visitors a site registration page.

personalize content based on location


Display your home page in different languages based on visitor location.

personalize content based on pages visited

Pages Visited

Customize your Contact Us message based on specific product pages visited.

personalize content based on device


Show a different price to mobile visitors who are price shopping in the store. We'll show you how.

Drag and drop to create personalization rules. Save a group of rules as a set for easy re-use.


From any page, you can view, edit, and delete versions.


Analyze the effectiveness of each personalized page based on time spent on page, conversions, or other measures. 

What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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