Focus Online Community Interest and Engagement Through Groups.

While members of an online community gather and interact around shared interests, there are times when a subset of members want to dig deeper into a particular topic.

Groups allow members to create niche social networks, providing focused areas of conversation for community members who want it, while keeping the main content areas relevant to the wider community. The result? Satisfied members who return often to a unique group they can't find elsewhere.

Social groups in Evoq

Evoq Engage organizes and give focus to online community conversations.

group administration


Set up a group in seconds, edit the group profile, assign access privileges, and enable specific content areas such as Answers and Discussions.

engage users with groups


Group members can participate in any content area that has been enabled. Members join by invitation and can leave the group at any time. 

gamify groups


Community managers can assign experience and reputation points to all actions performed within a group, such as joining or inviting others to join.

group spaces


This "home page" for the group includes essential details like owner, administrator, and members, as well as the group’s activity stream, related groups, and more.

directory for groups


A complete of list all groups within the community and most recently added groups.

Encourage personal engagement through interaction around particular sub-topics, projects or causes.

groups for community engagement
Keep members highly engaged by letting them connect with like-minded peers.

By joining Groups, community members are more likely to discover others who share their interests, which personalizes their engagement and makes their experience more valuable and rewarding.

Enable highly focused conversations as a complement to broader community content.

Organize narrow topics that are of interest only to a fraction of the community into highly focused sub-areas. This allows Groups to delve into their topic of choice, leaving broader discussions open to the entire community.

Facilitate confidential conversations when needed.

For occasions when confidential communications are required by a subset of the community, private Groups can restrict access to a particular set of users.

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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