Rich Profiles Turn Every Member into a Unique Online Community Expert.

Individual members form the foundation of an active and engaged online community. Evoq Engage's customizable member profile offers members a way to build a unique identity and personal brand within the community. Profiles also function as landing pages with interesting content and conversations happening in the community. 

Members who showcase their expertise and interests will attract a larger following and make more connections, and will invest more of themselves in the community. They will also be more valued by the community.

Member profile in Evoq

Evoq Engage creates a unique personal identify with these features in the Member Profile.

personal bio


Every profile stats with a photo and personal bio. The profile can also display location and time zone to facilitate regional, face-to-face meet-ups.

friends and followers

friends & followers

The profile lists the member’s number of friends and followers, signaling to others how influential and well-connected the member is within the community.

activity feed

A live stream of the member’s activity is updated dynamically to reflect what they are doing in the community, such as blog posts created, comments posted, votes, and more.

member activity trend

activity trend

The member’s activity over time is displayed on a trend chart, helping others understand their activity ebbs and flows.

member point values

Reputation, engagement and influence scores are updated dynamically to indicate the member’s standing within the community.



badges earned

Displaying the number and type of badges the member has earned is another way to measure their level of participation, and to motivate others to earn badges. 

Strengthen every member's connection to the community with a personalized experience that makes them unique.

member profile
Increase the number and strength of connections among individuals.
Enable members to tell their story, their way. Profiles that are unique and personal will attract more followers and encourage more connections in the fabric of the community.


Increase adoption and participation levels.
Gamification of user activity and engagement, and displaying results in member profiles, drives increased participation. This type of transparency across the community incents members to keep their activity levels high.


Call out the experts and make them easy to find.
A community is more valuable and is self-sustaining when it provides a unique source of knowledge and information. Make the trusted experts in your community visible via a profile that speaks to their reputation and influence.

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