Use Gamification to Increase Online Community Engagement.

Community success comes from engagement. The more time users spend interacting with you and with each other, the deeper the relationship they build with your brand.

Evoq Engage gives you one of the best online community engagement and content management tools:  gamification. Gamification applies the principles that make games fun, interesting and rewarding, in non-game contexts—like your online community.

Evoq's gamification dashboard

Evoq Engage is loaded with gamification features for community managers.


Leaderboards motivate users to participate by displaying their status and reputation compared to other users.

badges reward community members


Encourage and reward community members for the positive behaviors you define. Use Evoq Engage’s default badges or easily create your own.

Reputation Points

Reputation points indicate the level of credibility a member has gained in the community. Displaying the point value shows other members whom to trust.


Community badges and points are awarded and displayed in real time, giving members instant gratification and keeping motivation high.

community engagement analytics dashboard

In Context Analytics 

Within any content area, community managers can instantly access key metrics for that specific area.

Gamification Dashboard

Define badges, points, and privileges to drive the behavior you desire. Optimize engagement and ease new users into the community by varying the difficulty of achievements.

Gamification is the fuel that makes your community even more valuable.

benefits of gamification in online communities
Make crowdsourcing initiatives more productive and valuable.

Gamification incentivizes members to participate in crowdsourcing projects and focus groups, generating more and higher-quality ideas.

Reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Reward community members who are active in Answer forums. This encourages more community helping behavior and generates a trusted source of peer-to-peer recommendations.

Increase brand loyalty and product knowledge.

Gamification techniques—like awarding a badge for watching a training video—motivate members to use your products and services and builds brand loyalty.

How Community Managers Can Use Gamification to Create Sustainable Engagement


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