Professional Services

Professional Services from DNN to Help You Succeed.

Evoq has all the functionality you need to create, deploy, manage and optimize your websites, portals and intranets. If you need an extra hand, and some DNN expertise, to build, migrate or upgrade your deployments, we've got you covered. 

Our DNN Professional Services team has years of hands-on DNN experience to ensure your deployments are everything you want them to be. We have experts in CMS consulting, web development, and site migrations to the cloud.

DNN professional services

Cloud Migration

Are you ready to take it to the cloud? We can help. We’ll help you migrate on-premise installations to the cloud and ensure a smooth transition. We’ll help determine the scope of your migration through:

  • Your installed version of Evoq
  • Your database size
  • The set of custom and third party modules installed

We’ll also look at tuning your database to ensure that we get an accurate understanding of your database size and associated cloud tier.

Evoq Upgrades

Every new release of Evoq is faster and more functional than its predecessor, and we want you to take advantage of that as soon as possible. Let DNN take the worry out of upgrading and get it done for you quickly. Our team will work with you, first performing a test upgrade outside of production providing assurance your site will function as expected when upgrading your live site. And we’ll work with you to schedule the upgrade in production that best meets your scheduling needs.

DNN services for upgrading Evoq Content and Evoq Social
What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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